If you have any interest in politics in general and/or France in particular, you’ll find our next AFSR presentation of special interest.  The subject will be French political parties and the upcoming presidential elections, the outcome of which will have profound consequences, both in France and around the world.

You might recall that …

  • French presidential elections take place every five years.
  • The election is split into two rounds. In the first round, people can vote for any of the candidates. The number of candidates since 1965 has fluctuated between 6 and 12.
  • If no candidate receives an absolute majority of votes during the first round, the two candidates who received the most votes go on to the second round of the election. No candidate in French history has ever secured a majority after just one round of voting.


These are the top four contenders in the upcoming elections:

  • Emmanuel Macron, from the centrist party En Marche.
  • Marine Le Pen, from the far-right party Front National.
  • Jean-Luc Melenchon from the liberal party Unsubmissive France and
  • François Fillon, from the conservative party Les Républicains are currently tied.