FILM – A Quest for Meaning, May 11, 6:00-8:30 pm

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Members of AFSR and friends!

We are very pleased to invite you to our public screening of A Quest for Meaning by French filmmakers Marc de la Ménardière & Nathanaël Coste!
Friday May 11th, 6:00-8:30, at the spacious Guayaki Yerba Mate Cafe in Sebastopol there will be a special screening in French (passages in English and Spanish) with English subtitles. Marc de la Ménardière, one of the filmmakers, will be there to discuss the film with you after the screening.

For all of you who missed the members’ screening in January this is your chance to see this highly appreciated film!

“When Nathanael goes to visit Marc in New York, it’s been 10 years since they’ve last seen each other and their lives are totally different: Nathanael has just finished an environmental film in India, and Marc exports bottled water for a global corporation…
But one day, a small accident brings Marc’s ‘American dream’ to a halt. Stuck in bed, he decides to watch several documentary films on globalisation that Nathanael had left behind. From that moment on, his conscience will not leave him alone. Marc decides to leave to join Nathanael in India where they will begin their improvised, epic journey to go and meet some of the greatest thinkers of our time who are building the world of tomorrow.

Full of moments of doubt, moments of joy, and incredible testimonials, their journey is an initiation into a whole new way of viewing the world and living life. They invite us to join them in reconsidering our rapport with nature, happiness, and the purpose of life. 87 minutes to help us regain confidence in our ability to effect change within ourselves, and within society.”
Entry fee: $10  (payable via PayPal) all proceeds after costs will be shared by the film project and AFSR.
You may pay the $10 entry fee either online (see form below) or at the door on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability of remaining tickets; however payment in advance is strongly advised as we will probably reach full capacity quickly.

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